How to Consign

Consign Design is dedicated to giving you the best price for your consigned item while giving your customers a great value.  Here is how to consign:

Items must be in like-new condition

Items must be clean, pressed and on hangers.

Items must be free of stains, odors, lint and pet hair.  We cannot accept clothing that smells of smoke or perfume.

Consignor receives 40% of selling price on clothing, 50% on designer handbags, formal wear, and 50% on home furnishings.

Consign Design sets the selling price.  Uusally 1/3 to 1/2 of the original retail cost.

Markdowns are done 30 and 60 days.  At the time of consignment you can decide what items you want returned to you.  If you do not want items returned, they become the property of Consign Design.

There is a yearly $10.00 advertising/stocking fee.  You may decide to have the fee either taken off your account or you can pay up front.  So, you see, no risk to you!

First time consignors receive 10% off their first purchase!

We appreciate your cooperation and your support in our business.

Cleaning out your closets can be fun and profitable!